FALL 2019
Dear North County Families,
We are looking forward to another exciting season of basketball this Fall. The season will start on Saturday, September 7th. The regular season games have been scheduled. After the fives games have been played, teams will be reseeded and playoff brackets will be created to give every team a chance to win a championship.
This season's schedule was impacted by the limited gym time available towards the end of our regular season.
Playoffs will run from October 12th-October 20th.
You can view the schedule online or on your phone.
On the website, you can click on the Teams tab to see what Division your team is in. The website allows you to track your team throughout the season. If you register your phone number or email, you will get an update on changes in game time, updated scores and next opponent.
For your phone:
Search for North County after downloading.
Thank you and Good Luck to all of the teams!